New Gear: March 2013

Following last year’s introduction of its American Stage instrument cables, Planet Waves now offers its premium cables with dual right-angle plugs.
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American Stage Right-Angle Instrument Cables
Following last year’s introduction of its American Stage instrument cables, Planet Waves now offers its premium cables with dual right-angle plugs. The Neutrik GeoTip plugs are designed for improved fit in all 1/4" jacks, and the American-made cables come in 10’ and 20’ lengths.
List $45–$70

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Select Active Jazz Bass

Fender’s new Select Active Jazz Bass starts with the core of its passive counterpart released last year—an alder body, flame maple top, quartersawn neck, and hand-stained finish—and bumps up the onboard control with an active/passive mini-toggle switch, master volume control, pickup blend knob, and three bands of active EQ.
List $3,200

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Orleans Bass Preamp

The Port City Orleans is a hand-wired tube bass preamp that features three bands of EQ, a volume control, and a THICK switch that provides a boost in the low end. Built in North Carolina, the Orleans is housed in an aluminum chassis and features JJ preamp tubes, Mojo Dijon capacitors, carbon film resistors, custom American-made transformers, PVC coated copper wire, and Switchcraft jacks.
List $1,300

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Granger 4 & Granger 5
With input from PRS peers Wyzard [Mother’s Finest] and Kevin Walker [Justin Timberlake], Gary Granger tweaked some particulars of his signature Private Stock bass to create the Core series Granger 4 and Granger 5 basses. The basses come standard with a mahogany body, figured maple top, maple neck, and rosewood fingerboard, with the option of flame or quilt maple tops, mahogany or rosewood necks, and maple or ebony fingerboards.
List N/A

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Flyer Bass
Veillette’s Flyer Bass utilizes a braced, radiused Sitka spruce top aimed to improve both comfort and stability, and rigid maple sides and back for increased attack and definition. An 18-volt active piezo pickup system lends the bass its electric voice.
List $3,955

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Microtubes Vintage

The Darkglass Electronics Microtubes Vintage features a unique and versatile ERA knob that interacts with the DRIVE control to sweep from the warm, wooly bass sounds of the ‘70s to the punchier, more aggressive growl of the ’90s.
Street $250

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New Gear: November 2013

With their heavy-duty Neutrik connectors and fire-retardant sheath, FM Cables’ new Speakons are built to last, and if their three standard lengths—5’, 6.5’, and 10’—don’t work for you, go ahead and order a custom cable.

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New Gear, March 2012

Peavey’s 10-pound, 600- watt head makes news with a 7-band graphic EQ, headphone output, footswitchable crunch and optical compressor, proprietary DDT speaker protection, and combination twist-lock and ¼" external speaker jack.

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New Gear: September 2013

With its stereo audio, MIDI in/out, and charging dock, the StudioConnect, an all-in-one audio interface for the iPad, makes it easy to plug in and jam along with whatever’s on your iPad.

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New Gear: June 2013

Lakland’s latest addition to its old-school collection is the Skyline Hollowbody 30, a 30"-scale hollowbody with a 1.5" nut width, a rosewood fingerboard, a machined hollow body with “F” hole, two single-coil pickups, and Hipshot-licensed Ultralite tuners.