New Gear : October 2010

With two new additions to its venerable BBline (stands for “Broad Bass”—who knew?), Yamaha is continuing to capitilize on a good thing.
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Yamaha BB Basses

With two new additions to its venerable BBline (stands for “Broad Bass”—who knew?), Yamaha is continuing to capitilize on a good thing. The new BB2024X and BB2025X (pictured) bring Yamaha’s Acoustic Resonance Enhancement, designed to give new instruments vintage tone, to the BB line.
Price $2,800



Those looking for a sub-$100 powered pedalboard finally have a good option from SKB. It even includes a heavy-duty ballistic nylon carry bag.
Price $99.99


Manson John Paul Jones Signature E-Bass

Modeled after the legendary Led Zeppelin bass man’s go-to bass for the past 16 years, the John Paul Jones Signature features a figured maple top, ebony fingerboard, EMG pickups, Hipshot D-Tuner, and Badass Bridge. Dancing days are here again!

Price $3,200



TheAirtightGarage Artemis

A killer-looking new all-tube head with 70 watts and two separate preamp paths? Sign me up!
Price $1,500



New Gear February 2010

Ampeg SVT-7PRO & SVT-8PRO Heads Ultra-vintage Ampeg is going decidedly modern—as in super-light Class D power sections—with its latest additions to the venerable SVT amplifier line. The SVT-7PRO head throws down 1,000 watts while weighing only 15 pounds, while the SVT-8PRO shoots the moon with a scary 2,500 watts of power in a similarly compact and lightweight package. Both units feature familiar Ampeg front-end tone controls—so essentially it’s the same preamp many know and love, just stronger and lighter on the back end. And there’s a line of lightweight cabs (called PRO NEO) debuting in early 2010 to go with them. Prices SVT-7PRO, $799.99; SVT-8PRO, $2,399.99 Contact

New Gear August 2010

TC Electronic PolyTune iPhone App On the heels of its recently released PolyTune pedal tuner (look for a review soon), TC is announcing an iPhone App that duplicates many of the pedal’s functions, including the ability to tune multiply strummed

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New Gear: October 2009

Ibanez SR780  Ibanez has gotten a lot of mileage out of its basic Soundgear design. The comfy, thin-necked instrument can be found in iterations spanning the price spectrum. Ibanez also frequently delivers excellent value, as the new SR780 demonstrates. Its 5-piece jatoba/bubinga neck, spalted maple sides, and oval abalone inlays give it a decidedly high-end look, despite its relatively low price. Additi


New Gear April 2010

Bugera BVV3000 All-Valve head The big new Bugera head sports a classic array of all-tube goodness, including five dualtriodes in the preamp section and a sextet of 6550s handling the output. Tone-shaping come courtesy a 3-band EQ with midrange voicing filters and low- and high-register switchable boost.


New Gear : March 2010

Gallien-Krueger Fusion 1050 HeadMaybe you’ve seen “flying faders” on an SSL mixing board, but have you ever seen “flying knobs” on a bass head? Gallien-Krueger’s Fusion 1050 allows for two unique EQ settings to be stored and recalled via footswitch, at which point the motorized knobs go flying. The front end is loaded with three 12AX7 tubes for extra warmth on top of G-K’s trademark solid-state punch, and the back end pumps 1,080 watts bridged into 4Ω.Price: $1,299Contact: