New Gear : September 2010

DigiTech BP90 Bass Multi-Effect Pedal, Pro Co '85 Whiteface Rat, Electro-Harmonix Headphone Amp, DMP Pedals Bumble Bass Overdrive

DigiTech BP90 Bass Multi-Effect Pedal

With 27 effects and 21 amp, cabinet, and stompbox models, the BP90 features an expression pedal, a built-in tuner, and stereo outputs.

Price $139


Pro Co Limited Edition Reissue ’85 Whiteface Rat

Pro Co has reissued its classic distortion pedal, which has become something of a coveted vintage stompbox. Get nasty!

Price $199


DMB Pedals Bumble Bass Overdrive

Tuned specifically for bass frequencies, the Bumble Bass Overdrive is one distortion box that’ll get you noticed!

Price $195


Electro-Harmonix Headphone Amp

Take it on the road—or in the road—with this battery-powered headphone amp (headphones not included).

Price $45



New Gear July 2010

Tight Drive Bass Distortion Pedal As a result of feedback from Greg Weeks of the Red Chord at the 2010 NAMM show, Amptweaker now offers a bass version of their popular guitar distortion unit. As its name implies, the Tight


New Gear April 2010

Bugera BVV3000 All-Valve head The big new Bugera head sports a classic array of all-tube goodness, including five dualtriodes in the preamp section and a sextet of 6550s handling the output. Tone-shaping come courtesy a 3-band EQ with midrange voicing filters and low- and high-register switchable boost.

New Gear August 2010

TC Electronic PolyTune iPhone App On the heels of its recently released PolyTune pedal tuner (look for a review soon), TC is announcing an iPhone App that duplicates many of the pedal’s functions, including the ability to tune multiply strummed

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New Gear: September 2013

With its stereo audio, MIDI in/out, and charging dock, the StudioConnect, an all-in-one audio interface for the iPad, makes it easy to plug in and jam along with whatever’s on your iPad.


New Gear February 2010

Ampeg SVT-7PRO & SVT-8PRO Heads Ultra-vintage Ampeg is going decidedly modern—as in super-light Class D power sections—with its latest additions to the venerable SVT amplifier line. The SVT-7PRO head throws down 1,000 watts while weighing only 15 pounds, while the SVT-8PRO shoots the moon with a scary 2,500 watts of power in a similarly compact and lightweight package. Both units feature familiar Ampeg front-end tone controls—so essentially it’s the same preamp many know and love, just stronger and lighter on the back end. And there’s a line of lightweight cabs (called PRO NEO) debuting in early 2010 to go with them. Prices SVT-7PRO, $799.99; SVT-8PRO, $2,399.99 Contact