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New Products from Snazzy FX, Radial, Journey, Nordstrand, and Meris
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Wow and Flutter, Tracer City & Mini-Ark pedals


Berlin-based Liquid Sky’s Snazzy FX line flaunts three big, freaky gems for your pedalboard. The Wow and Flutter specializes in the warm warble of tape glitch, with THRESHOLD and WARP controls. The Tracer City features an analog multi-mode resonant filter with CUTOFF, RESONANCE, and LINEAR or EXPONENTIAL MODULATION controls, an envelope follower with UP and DOWN modes, and two external control-voltage or audio (FM) inputs. The Mini-Ark adds an octave below or above, one more interval, and the capability to mix the two in any combination—along with infinite hold, gate/sustain, wild presets, and CV outputs.
Street $300 (Wow and Flutter), $390 (Tracer City), $350 (Mini-Ark)


Tonebone AC-Driver preamp


Radial’s Tonebone line gets a boost from the AC-Driver, a compact acoustic-instrument preamp with a ¼" amp output, balanced line out, mute, adjustable highpass filter to remove excessive low frequencies, 180-degree phase-adjustment switch that fights feedback, and a notch filter. It works with 9-volt adapters or multi-pedal power bricks.
Street $150


Carbon Fiber Travel Bass


Frequent fliers rejoice: With its removable neck, warp-resistant carbon fiber body, bone nut and saddle, and ebony bridge pins, the four-pound, 27"-scale Journey 4-string is guaranteed to fit in the overhead bin. The Journey also boasts an under-saddle passive transducer system, as well as a design that increases the hollow interior’s volume while keeping the top close to the body for comfort. It comes with a custom-designed travel backpack. There’s a fretless, version, too.
Street $1,485


NordyMute bass mute


No need to stuff socks under your strings to get that Jamerson sound: Bass/preamp impresario Carey Nordstrand’s new bass mute, built with a foam body and walnut or maple cover, is available for 4- and 5-strings, and in several string-spacing sizes (16.5mm, 18mm, 19mm, and 20mm). Ask about custom wood choices, spacing, and fanned-fret options.
Street $40


Polymoon Delay


Besides its analog dry-signal path and 24-bit AD/DA with 32-bit floating-point DSP, this ridiculously flexible delay pedal features multi-LFO modulation controls, six custom-tuned LFOs with adjustable waveforms (for subtle to aggressive pitch-shifting effects), a multimode dynamic stereo flanger with feedback, selectable quarter- or dotted eighth-note tap tempo, and expression-pedal control over all parameters—to name just a few of its features.
Street $300



New Gear

New Products from Electro-Harmonix, Deepspace Devices, Enki, Innovation, Grosbeak, and Omec

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New Gear from D'Addario, Mitchell & Rainger FX

Rainger’s new Deep Space Pulsar allows you to sync your bass tone so it dips with each hit of a kick drum (by a drum machine, a DJ, or live drummer), thanks to correctable tap tempo, or tempo input via a Rainger FX pressure pad or a microphone on your drummer’s kick drum.