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New Gear

New Products from TC Electronic, Onkartgromt, and Tsakalis Audioworks
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SpectraDrive Bass Preamp & Line Driver

This bass preamp doesn’t just have a 4-band EQ, an active DI with balanced XLR output, overdrive, and compression—it’s also a practice machine with a headphone amp and an aux input.

Street $200


FunkyFellow envelope filter, TurboTore EQ & Tremolando tremolo pedals

This Norwegian company is making a splash with three far-out new pedals: the FunkyFellow, which has controls for sensitivity, resonance, frequency, and output, as well as a switch for highpass, bandpass, and lowpass filter; the TurboTore, with a 6-band parametric EQ, adjustable parameters for level, frequency, Q, and output; and the Tremolando, which gives you control over level, frequency, depth, and shape. Each pedal sports a 1.5mm steel case, expression-pedal input for frequency and depth adjustment, and momentary soft true bypass.

Street $300


Phonkify envelope filter & Galactic multi-modulation pedals

Straight from Greece comes the Phonkify envelope filter, which offers “smooth” and “nasty” flavors, as well as wah, octave up and/or down, octave footswitch, and an expression-pedal jack for the envelope. The Galactic allows users to creatively combine phaser, univibe, vibrato, rotary, and flanger tones, with three expression-pedal jacks for ultimate control of speed, depth, and blend.

Street $215 (Phonkify), $300 (Galactic)



New Gear

New Products from Electro-Harmonix, Deepspace Devices, Enki, Innovation, Grosbeak, and Omec

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New Gear: October 2009

Ibanez SR780  Ibanez has gotten a lot of mileage out of its basic Soundgear design. The comfy, thin-necked instrument can be found in iterations spanning the price spectrum. Ibanez also frequently delivers excellent value, as the new SR780 demonstrates. Its 5-piece jatoba/bubinga neck, spalted maple sides, and oval abalone inlays give it a decidedly high-end look, despite its relatively low price. Additi

New Gear November 2009

Industrial Radio MIDI Bass Bass players have long dreamed of a bass guitar that outputs reliable, pitch-accurate MIDI. With such a bass, a universe of opportunity awaits. Various manufacturers, to varying degrees of success, have tried to conquer this significant engineering challenge. Next to the plate? The Industrial Radio MIDI bass. The technology looks promising (check out the website for an in-depth description), and I dig the high-end touches, like the Nordstrand Big Split pickups. Price TBD Contact