Peavey Electronics Releases David Ellefson ReValver Amp Modeling Software

Peavey And Hard-Hitting Megadeth Bassist Join Forces to Launch Exciting New Bass Amp Models in Peavey’s Flagship Amp Modeling Software
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Peavey Electronics, one of the industry's most progressive musical instrument and audio equipment manufacturers, is proud announce the immediate availability of the David Ellefson ReValver Artist bundle.

Megadeth bassist David Ellefson redefined the role of bass guitar in heavy metal. With the release of the all-new David Ellefson ReValver™ Artist bundle, Ellefson now helps redefine the role of bass guitar in Peavey’s revolutionary ReValver 4 amp modeling software.

"When Peavey approached me about introducing bass amp models to ReValver and developing a signature bundle, the thing that excited me the most was the opportunity to model my whole rig from the instrument, to the amp, to the cab," said Ellefson. "While I've always been aware of the depth at which Peavey models amplifiers, I think their ACT technology, which they use to model instruments, is pretty amazing. The results I've heard in the modeling process are really exciting. I hope this bundle will help players find their sound like I did. But mostly, I hope it makes them excited about playing."

The bundle features the "Hangar18" bass amp and cabinets, modeled after the head and cabs Ellefson has played to sold-out audiences all over the world. Peavey has also leveraged its ground-breaking ACT™ (Audio Cloning Technology) process to capture instrument models of the bass guitars most associated with Ellefson.

To round out the bundle, Ellefson has personally created a bank of presets that recreate the sought-after signature sounds from throughout his career.

Bundle includes:
Hangar18 Bass Amplifier, Hanger18 Drive 410 Bass Cab, Hangar18 XL Bass Cab, CE-Bass Chorus Pedal, Grinder Bass Overdrive Pedal, C-Thrasher ACT Bass Guitar, BC-Bird ACT Bass Guitar, Peavey Zodiac Bass Guitar, Graphic Equalizer Effect, and a bank of signature David Ellefson presets.

The David Ellefson ReValver Artist Bundle is AVAILABLE NOW at:

About ReValver™
ReValver 4 is redesigned from the ground up featuring more in depth modeling allowing for even more realism in tone, dynamics and feel in a stand alone program or as a AAX, VST or AU plug in. New RIR 2 Cabinet Modeling takes convolution modeling of cabinets to another level while ACT™ Audio Cloning Technology allows incredible instrument modeling on the input and tone matching on the output. A new GUI & UI features a Pedal Board for stomp modules, effects rack for post amp effects, the ability to run two rigs in parallel and GIG Mode for seamless switching between presets for live use. 3rd party VST/AU plug ins can be hosted within ReValver and full MIDI integration is available. Download ReValver 4 for free at, where you can browse the Amp Store for a wealth of extra modules, ACT content and bundles.

About Peavey Electronics®
Founded in 1965, Peavey® is one of the world's largest manufacturers and suppliers of musical instruments and professional sound equipment. Peavey has earned more than 180 patents and distributes to more than 130 countries. Peavey and its MediaMatrix®, Architectural Acoustics®, Crest Audio®, Composite Acoustics® and Trace Elliot® brands and affiliates can be found on concert stages and in airports, stadiums, theme parks and other venues around the world. To find out more, visit 


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