Providence Releases the Bass Boot Comp BTC-1 Pedal

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Loaded with Threshold and Mix control to make the best use of bass' dynamics and able to create various sounds. It also able to adjust the volume without losing player's sound character by smooth compression without extra tonal change. The Bass Boot Comp is a multifunctional compressor like a rack-mount typed one with the LED indicator which helps judge gain reduction level by sight.


Various Compression Patterns

The Bass Boot Comp is a compressor pedal for bass that achieves clear, bright and smooth compression with dry signal's lively sound. The Mix control enables spirited and unique compression.

More Expression Range With the Mix Control 

It enables to control the output ratio of the compression sound and dry sound while retaining dry sound's nuance and delivers subtle touch nuance of the player's core sound which is difficult to do by just a compressor alone. Of course the player is able to use this pedal as a regular compressor. Adding dry sound to your compressed sound creates more openness to your sound, and adding
compression to your dry sound gives more consistency. Its versatility helps player to have more option to have their favorite sound.

Threshold Control
It controls the reference point for your pickups' output and/or picking strength. By combining it with attack and sustain, it enables to create from thick and deep sound to speedy compression sound with enhanced attack.

Visually Recognizable Gain Reduction
The LED indicator helps judge gain reduction level by sight. When strong compression is engaged, the LED blinks brighter and when less compression is engaged, the LED blinks darker. Feel your performance!!

Battery Replacement
Remove the 4 screws from the back cover to replace the battery. Use a 9V/6F22/MN1604 type replacement battery. When changing the battery, do not pull strongly on the battery cable. This could result in disconnection or malfunctioning of the device. 

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