Sadowsky Intoduces the new Single Cut 24 Fret 5-String Bass

Roger Sadowsky, Chip Shearin, and Lisa Hahn unveil their newly designed single cut bass.
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“Co-designed with bassist Chip Shearin by both myself and Lisa Hahn, this model features a single cutaway chambered body with a 24 fret bolt on neck. The first version of this bass, which we will bring to NAMM, features our soapbar pickups in our bridge forward “modern” locations as well as our mid boost circuit. It will be available with all of our normal wood options.

The second version of this model will debut soon. It will feature humcancelling J-style pickups with a specially designed bridge pickup. ” - Roger Sadowsky

-Sleek Single Cut body shape
-Swamp ash or alder body chambered for enhanced resonance & light weight
-Maple or rosewood fingerboard
-Choice of 1 3/4″ or 1 7/8” on 5-string
-24 nickel/silver frets .090″ wide x .048″ high
-Hipshot Ultralight tuning gears
-Sadowsky Soapbar Pickups
-Will Lee Pre-Amp with switchable midboost and trim pot
-Controls: master vol, pickup blend, treble roll-off (VTC) with pre-amp bypass, bass boost, treble boost, midboost on/off
-Sadowsky chrome-plated brass bridge with quick release
-String spacing at bridge: 18 or 19mm
-Additional options available

Base Price: $5500

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