Steinberger Re-Releases The Spirit Collection of Headless Basses

Steinberger, the Ultimate Travel Guitar, Is Back! Re-introducing the Steinberger Spirit Collection–cutting edge electric guitars and basses in new colors.
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SteinbergerTM, known for its innovative and trend-setting instrument designs, is back with a modern version of the legendary Spirit Collection of electric guitars and 4 & 5-string basses, now in beautiful new colors and styles.

The re-introduction of the Spirit Collection marks the start of a new era for Steinberger Spirit Instruments, renowned for their revolutionary “headless” designs, all-wood construction, precision tuners, and high-performance pickups that have enchanted and inspired progressive musicians from every genre for over 40 years.

The new Spirit Collection includes the GT-PRO Deluxe 6-string electric guitar in never-before-seen color finishes including Frost Blue, Hot Rod Red, Hot Rod Yellow, and Yin Yang along with classic Black and White. And the GT-PRO Quilt Top Deluxe 6-string brings a brand new look to Steinberger with quilt top style Trans Black, Trans Blue, and Wine Red finishes.

For bassists, the Spirit Collection offers a variety of designs for every style of player including the classic XT-2 Standard Bass (4-string) in new color finishes, the Standard Bass XT-25 (5-string), and the XT-25 Quilt Top Deluxe (5-string). The Spirit Collection also introduces the XT-2B Bass (4-string) featuring the DB-DropTM tuner system for instant drop-tuning of the low E-string to D.

All the Steinberger Spirit Collection instruments feature standard-scale fingerboards that tune at the bridge using the revolutionary Steinberger precision 40:1 ratio Double-Ball™ tuning system so there’s no heavy headstock. And like all Steinberger instruments, the Spirit Collection features Steinberger-designed single coil and humbucker pickups for an instrument with near-limitless tonal range.

Musicians who are new to Steinberger will also find the Spirit Collection not only a revelation in style, sound, and construction, but also affordable and easy to play. And since the instruments average around 30” (guitar) and 39” (bass) in length, Steinbergers are the Ultimate Travel GuitarTM and will fit easily in airline overhead compartments. As a member of the Gibson and Epiphone family of instruments, every Steinberger also comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and 365/24/7 Gibson Customer Service.

Visit the new Steinberger website and read our interviews with founder Ned Steinberger and legend Ziggy Marley and discover the historic Steinberger Spirit Collection at Authorized Steinberger Dealers everywhere.

XT-2 Standard Bass (4-string)
Finishes include: Black, White, Frost Blue, Hot Rod Red, Hot Rod Yellow, Yin Yang

XT-2DB Standard Bass with DP-DropTM tuner system (Instant Low E to D)

XT-25 Standard Bass (5-string) Finishes include: Black, White

XT-25 Quilt Top Standard Bass (5-string) Finishes include: Trans Black, Trans Blue, Wine Red

About Steinberger
In 1979 Ned Steinberger propelled the instrument world far into the future when he debuted his premier line of Steinberger guitars and basses. The Steinberger "headless" design was the first of its kind giving players a light, perfectly balanced, and ergonomic instrument with powerful pickups that could go anywhere, even overhead airline compartments. And with the revolutionary 40:1 Ratio Direct-PullTM tuning system with DoubleBallTM strings and zero fret, the most demanding players could intonate their Steinbergers to a level of refinement most players had never enjoyed before. Today, Steinbergers are still the Ultimate Travel GuitarTM. And as part of the Gibson Family of Instruments, every Steinberger comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and 365/24/7 Gibson Customer Service. Step into the future and discover Steinberger at Authorized Steinberger Dealers everywhere. 

For more visit: Steinberger 


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