It's time we showed some love for the bass folk.

To start your weekend off right, we're releasing seven new TonePrints for SpectraDrive that are as lowdown and dirty as used diapers in a septic tank.

In the best possible way.

With tones ranging from woody, grainy gain to straight up nintendocore bit destruction, this expansion will please old-school groovers and thrill-seeking thumpers alike.

Check 'em out in the video above.

To top it off, we've made all the sumptuous, wobbly goodness of our Corona Chorus, Shaker Vibrato, and Vortex Flanger pedals available for your BH-series amp.

Check out the announcement right here!

That's right - if you've got a TonePrint-loaded amp, you've got a world of warble coming your way!