Meet SpectraDrive Bass Preamp & Line Driver.


This smooth hunk of funk is a bass preamp with 4-band intelligent EQ, a studio-grade active DI with balanced XLR output, a TonePrint drive and compressor, and an ultra-practical practice machine with a headphone amp and an AUX input.

That's a lot to take in all at once.

Just think of SpectraDrive as a high voltage transformer station for the bass.

It receives your super-charged bass lines and sends them wherever they need to go – to the amp, the tuner, the PA, your headphones, to the hearts and minds of the audience, or all of them at the same time.

No matter what gig you're playing, SpectraDrive lets you plug in, sculpt tones, and lay down the low-end like a velvet cannonball - smooth and powerful.

  • Bass preamp with 4-band intelligent EQ
  • Studio-grade active DI
  • TonePrint overdrive and compression
  • Built-in BonaFide Buffer
  • Headphone amp
  • AUX input

Available Q2 2018

Price $199.99 

For more visit: TC Electronic