Tech 21 Introduces the VT Bass 500 Amp Head

The VT Bass 500 head merges an all-analog SansAmp pre-amp and 500 Watts RMS of Class D power
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Tech 21 Introduces the VT Bass 500 Bass Amp Head

The VT Bass 500 head merges an all-analog SansAmpTM pre-amp and 500 Watts RMS of Class D power. Adapted from Tech 21’s popular SansAmp Character Series, the VT Bass 500 offers the huge, powerhouse tones of classic bass stacks in a compact, cost-effective package weighing just 6.5 lbs. Availability is anticipated in July.

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The unique Character control alters the entire sonic structure of the tone, moving seamlessly between decades of different voicings --from the early ‘60s to classic “super valve,” to thick flip-top funk and from gnarly overdrive to crushing distortion. Players can easily dial in complex bass tones with a powerful three-band, active EQ section and a full-range Drive control. A Bite switch provides a presence boost, which tightens up the sound when you are in distorted settings and adds defini- tion to your notes when in clean settings. A Blend control allows you to blend the direct instrument signal with the SansAmp Tube Amplifier Emulation circuitry.

Other features include a switchable SansAmp XLR DI Output to go direct to the mixer of a recorder or PA system, Effects Loop, Headphone Output, Speakon® speaker outputs, and worldwide switch- able power supply.

Optional 1x12 bass cabinet with custom-design 12” speaker, woven grill and coordinating piping is available. It is 8 Ohms/300 Watts handling and has a tweeter with defeat switch, metal bar handles, Neutrik Speakon® and 1/4-inch connectors, and weighs 38 lbs.



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Soundroom: Tech 21 VT Bass 1969 & B410-VT

TO MANY OF US, THE ULTIMATE IN OLDschool soul and rock & roll bass tone was codifi ed back in the 1960s and hasn’t changed a whole lot since; hand a dude like me a P-Bass and the choice of an Ampeg B-15 combo or SVT stack, and watch him settle into hours of blissed-out riff-andgroove noodling.