The Innovative New Guitar Triller Will Change the Way You Play Bass

Go beyond picks and fingers. Guitar Triller gives you a whole new way to play bass.
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Most bassists are well-versed in using their fingers or a pick to play bass. But a new, innovative handheld accessory called the Guitar Triller is re-introducing the art of string striking, a technique that has been around since Biblical times, which has now been reinvented and optimized for playing guitar and bass.

Carefully designed for striking strings in a powerful and expressive way, Guitar Triller uses the force of gravity and natural curling motion of the fingers and wrist to bounce on the strings. With three different holding positions and dozens of playing techniques, the Guitar Triller’s sound bank includes trilling and harping effects, harmonics and overtones, percussive power, brighter dynamics, tremolo and flanger like effects, with new rhythmic possibilities that aren't normally accessible to guitar and bass players without the use of pedals or multi-effect processors.

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Guitar Triller is available for a discounted pre-order price of $15. Guitar Triller is also available in 2-packs for $25.

“I use it every time I play guitar, and it's not because we invented it, but because it became an essential part of my playing approach" said Alex Bodnar, the inventor of the Guitar Triller.

Features of The Guitar Triller:
1) Three different playing positions in one (Lead, Chord, and Pick), each with multiple techniques and sound effects.
2) A unique, patented grip between the index and middle finger that allows for effortless bouncing or “trilling.”
3) Weight and length that have been carefully calibrated for natural hand positioning and precise control in all 3 positions.
4) Lead position plays single strings
5) Chord position plays all 6 strings at once
6) Pick position plays like a pick at 90 degree angle
7) Tapping surface for non stop tap sliding
8) Designed for all guitars and bass - and can also be used well with ukulele, mandolin, balalaika, banjo, and most fretted string instruments. 

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Guitar Triller co-creator Jeremy Legarda said “I’ve always tried to get something to bounce off my strings perfectly, but nothing ever worked. The Guitar Triller is made for the job, and it gives me a new set of cool rolling percussive sounds and rhythms. They don’t sound like riffs that were already written.” 

For more:
Check out the Guitar Triller Kickstarter Campaign
Guitar Triller pre-orders are available at
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