Warwick Announces Ladies BassCamp 2015

Warwick Has Just Announced This Year's Ladies BassCamp That Will Be Taking Place in Markneukirchen, Germany from May 27-30
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Warwick has just announced this year's Ladies BassCamp that will be taking place in Markneukirchen, Germany from May 27-30.

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Warwick Reports:

Warwick BassCamp: mentioning this term causes shining eyes of bass players worldwide. The combination of learning, playing, jamming, meeting your bassheroes and lots of like-mindeds make this event one-of-a-kind. With the Ladies BassCamp the range is going to be extended to run from Wednesday, May 27th to Saturday, May 30th and is exclusively for Ladies only (this means students and faculty). Of course some top-class instructors will show up such as Antonella Mazza (IT, FR), Divinity Roxx (US), Ariane Cap (AT, US), Chela Harper (CN) and Teresa Morini (GB) who will talk about topics like creating a groove, music theory, solo bass and many more. The Camp's price of € 499 includes (besides the lessons accommodation) food, shuttle service, a show by the Divinity Roxx Band and much more!

For more information and registration please click here: Warwick Ladies BassCamp