Watch The Making of a Warwick Masterbuilt Dolphin Pro I (VIDEO)

From raw wood to finished instruments: In our "MAKING OF" videos, we show the production of Warwick Masterbuilt basses at the Custom Shop in Markneukirchen / Germany.
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The main focus of today's MAKING OF video is a Warwick Masterbuilt Dolphin Pro I, which we have made for the distributor "Great British Bass Lounge" ( The Warwick Dolphin Pro I surrounds with a mystic and mysterious visual appearance, mainly due to the curvaceous Ovangkol* body. Neck and fingerboard are made of Wenge, the "Hidden Neck" is reinforced by three stripes of maple. 26 extra hard jumbo bronze frets are precisely set into the fingerboard with IFT (Invisible Fretwork Technology). Active MEC J/TJ pickups are used in combination with active Warwick 2-way electronics. The integrated lithium battery can be recharged via USB cable without having to unscrew the wooden cover. The bridge humbucker can be switched to single-coil via an additional mini-switch.

Other hardware details include: Just-A-Nut III brass nut, 2-piece solid Warwick brass bridge, Warwick Security Locks and stacked controls. The hardware is black, while the body has a natural oil finish. The Warwick Masterbuilt Dolphin Pro I comes with a handmade leather RockBag®.

Musically, this MAKING OF video is underlined by Warwick endorser Alberto Rigoni, who kindly provided us with his song ‘Kikazaru.’

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