Windworks Design's Schizotron Electric and Keyboard Bass

Can't Decide Between Rocking Electric or Synth Bass on a Track? How About Both.
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This odd gem of a bass is perfect for those multitasking players who want to play electric and synth bass at the same time. Windworks Design has created an electric bass with a keyboard attached to it so that players can cop both sounds within the same musical moment. 

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An example of custom engineering would be the Bass Skitz (a.k.a. Schizotron) designed by Guess Musical Instruments. The Schizotron is a bass guitar with a keyboard attached. WindWorks Design designed and built the custom midi electronics embedded into this unique patented instrument. When the player switches into neck/enable mode the bass neck becomes a one handed midi controller, with each note producing a midi signal. The player is able to finger midi bass notes with the left hand while playing chords on the keyboard with the right hand. This is not a typical midi-guitar system, but a unique patented design powered by custom midi electronics designed and built by WindWorks Design.

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