After the summer pause Zorg Efects releases a new version of the Glorious Basstar. It’s now coming with a vertical enclosure and top loading jacks, instead of the horizontal side loaded old version. The pedal still features an unchanged monstrous 3 bands overdrive with tons of settings. Also new is an optional soft switch relay true bypass.

It features:

-Top loading jacks for pedalboard space saving.

-Multiband high gain overdrive.

-Optional soft switch relay true bypass.

Glorious Basstar page on Zorg Effects:

The Glorious Basstar is available mounted or in kits. Retail price is 180€ mounted with a +20€ option for a soft switch relay true bypass. Kits range from 15€ to 80€ and are available at only. Shipping worldwide.

Zorg Efects handcrafts boutique pedals in France and is committing to high quality, accessibility, education and DIY.

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Zorg Efects was founded in France in 2014 by Gabriel Denneulin with the aim of crafting pedals with tons of features while trying to push pedals standards beyond the highest levels of fun. 13 originals designs are available such as a multi band overdrive, distortions, a fuzz, an octaver and enveloppe flters. The pedals have rapidly spread across the musicians of the french scene: Gérald Gimenez (7 weeks), David Jacob (Trust), Maxime Deplorte (Rémi Panossian/Stabat Akish), and Pierre Terrisse (Host).