Learn Tim Commerford's Bass Lines From Future User's "Mountain Lion" (Tutorial Video)

Roy Vogt Walks You Through Bass Player's Transcription On How To Play "Mountain Lion" By Future User
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Bass Player Magazine and Teach Me Bass Guitar present How to Play "Mountain Lion" by Future User, taught by Roy Vogt from the transcript in the May issue of Bass Player Magazine. 

Now you can learn Tim Commerford's monster bass lines from the track.


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Tim Commerford: Raging On

What happens when you mix two parts rap revolutionaries with three parts of the most politically driven, riot-instigating rock groups of the past three decades? The members of Prophets Of Rage will gladly answer that question with firm fist raised in the air.

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Charnett Moffett: From Young Lion to Old Soul

Thirty years ago, Charnett Moffett stepped out from his role as a young lion of bebop, backing Wynton Marsalis and Wallace Roney, to release his solo debut, Net Man—thus establishing himself as a forward-minded doubler willing and able to splash some new colors on jazz.