Dig My Rig: Decmber 2013 - Rick Kloskey

Gone are the days of bulky heads, monster cabs, and backbreaking setups for me.
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Gone are the days of bulky heads, monster cabs, and backbreaking setups for me. After searching for a more sensible approach to great tone, power, and versatility, I chose the Ampeg Portaflex 500 paired up with Ampeg 115PF 1x15 and 210PF 2x10 cabinets. For home and small venues, I got the Fender Bassman TV Fifteen (my wife actually liked the retro look of the Bassman for our den—a first!). Both setups compliment my sound and provide everything I need. My basses include a Gretsch Broadkaster, a ’64 Fender Jazz Bass, a ’70s Fender P-Bass, and an Ibanez SR705 5-string. I use an Ashdown tuner and Rotosound strings.

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My equipment, just like my life, is now simple. At 58, I now choose to approach my life and my music in a more sensible fashion, opting for better quality and portability. My sound and my tone remains the same, but with far less baggage. —Rick Kloskey

Got a rig you think we’d dig? Send a photo and description to digmyrig@gmail.com.


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Dig My Rig: April 2013

THIRTY-FIVE YEARS AFTER I FIRST PICKED UP the bass, I have the unbelievable good fortune to be that rarest of all creatures: A musician who can walk into a music store with money to spend and walk out again empty-handed, knowing there’s nothing I could buy that would make me happier than what I already have.

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Dig My Rig, August 2012

I have a couple of Ampeg setups for smaller venues, but my biggest amp is this 1200-watt Carvin BX1200 head/4x10/1x15 stack, which I’ve never been able to turn up past “3.”