Dig My Rig: June 2014 - Edwin Hurwitz

Here’s a picture of my rig at the Boulder Theater back in March.
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Here’s a picture of my rig at the Boulder Theater back in March. It’s a ’67 Guild Starfire with Alembic Series II pickups and electronics, run in stereo with the bass pickup going to a ’67 Fender Showman and a Sunn 200S cabinet (the ones graced with the Courtenay Pollock tie-dyes) and the treble pickup going to a ’67 Fender Bandmaster and another Sunn 200S cabinet. I rebuilt both amplifiers and included Mercury Magnetic output transformers to allow for various speaker cabinet impedances.

Got a rig you think we’d dig? Send a photo and description to digmyrig@gmail.com.


Dig My Rig, May 2011

HERE’S A RIG ASSEMBLED FROM USED COMPONENTS THAT PROVIDES great tone, the security of backups, and flexibility—and that actually fits in the back seat of a small car I like the classic Ampeg tone, and the 5 tube Ampeg SVP


Dig My Rig, March 2011

I HAVE A 1973 FENDER JAZZ BASS (named Sista) with stock pickups and a gold pickguard, and a 2002 KSD 5 string (named Peaches) with Nordstrand pickups and a pickguard I made myself. The rig shown here is my Gallien

DIG MY RIG! June 2011

WITH A 2002 FENDER AMERICAN Deluxe Jazz V (fitted with Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder pickups) and a 2009 Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay Stealth SLO, I can get just about any bass tone I need. The head and single cabinet