Dig My Rig: November 2012

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, A BEAUTIFUL FENDER Jazz Bass, my favorite for country bits.
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FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, A BEAUTIFUL FENDER Jazz Bass, my favorite for country bits. The white bass is an old Kalamazoo, my first bass. In the center: There’s nothing like a Rickenbacker, my weapon of choice. Next, a Warwick—great tones, but heavy. The exotic woods make it cool. My Fender Jaguar has an old-school look and is a pleasure to play. My sound varies from show to show. On the left is my Trace Elliot AH500. This bad boy rocks! Below are two 4x10 cabinets, and to the right is a Trace Elliot GP7-300 1x15. On top of the GP7 is a Shure LX wireless—there’s nothing like being mobile on stage. My processor is an ART SGX Nightbass with an X-15 Ultra Foot floorboard. On the very bottom is a GTD-Audio G622 wireless mike setup. The floorboard to the left is a Korg AH3000B, and hanging from the Trace stack is one of my custom straps from Steve Reece at Scoops Leather. Thanks for taking a look and letting readers dig on my rig.— ”JERSEY JOHN” ROCHE

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Dig My Rig: October 2012

I LIVE IN A SMALL ONE-BEDROOM APARTMENT in Los Angeles with my wife and child, so I have to be as effi cient as possible with space without compromising on the wide palette of sounds I need.

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Dig My Rig, August 2012

I have a couple of Ampeg setups for smaller venues, but my biggest amp is this 1200-watt Carvin BX1200 head/4x10/1x15 stack, which I’ve never been able to turn up past “3.”