Hey, Mambo

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This week, we celebrate the birthday of Cuban bass master Israel “Cachao” Lopez, father of the mambo and most famous member of a family that has spawned over 40 bass players (that was nephew Orlando “Cachaito” Lopez who put the booty under the Buena Vista Social Club). Over the course of his eight-decade career, Cachao—who passed away at age 89 in March ’08—had a huge impact on Cuban music. Try staying still while listening to this duet with fellow Cuban legend Bebo Valdes from the incredible 2000 movie Calle 54.


Review: David Bowie "The Next Day"

Like the CD cover, Gail Ann Dorsey’s sumptuous lines on seven of this album’s 14 songs contain sly references to Bowie classics, but they’re also a showcase for the chemistry she and the Thin White Duke have honed over the last 18 years.

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Review: Dominique Di Piazza Fretless Bridge by Mike Sabre

Who among us hasn’t dreamed of playing fretless bass fearlessly, exploring new levels of slippery, sexy mwah-liciousness while staying in perfect tune, night after night? Perhaps you’re one of the many bass players entranced with the fretless sound, but who’d rather touch a hot stove than gig or record without frets.