Lowdown: April 2013

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BRIAN FOXWHEW. AS I REST AND RECOVER FROM ANOTHER MARATHON NAMM SHOW, YOU CAN BET I’m counting my blessings. For one, it’s always an inspiration to see the handiwork of so many brilliant builders and the technological achievements of the industry’s brightest engineers. Having the opportunity to fist-bump the best bassists in the biz is an added benefit of the show. And emerging from it with my health intact—having dodged the ubiquitous NAMMthrax virus—well, for that I may be most thankful of all.

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There’s a whole lot of great gear coming our way this year. For a glimpse of some of it, flip to our expanded New Gear section, and keep an eye out in the months to come. If new gear doesn’t float your boat, there’s lots of other stuff to love in this issue. Dive into our (long overdue) cover story on Gary Willis for a glimpse of what it takes to become a world-class player. Get to know old friends and new in Community and Bass Notes, and prepare to wear your fingers down to bloody stumps on the face-melting shred fest that is this month’s Transcription, Juan Alderete’s killer bass line on the Racer X’s “Scarified.” Now dig in!


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Lowdown: January 2013

WE HAVE LOTS OF GREAT STUFF FOR YOU IN THIS ISSUE OF BASS PLAYER, AND I HOPE you each get lots of mileage from this month’s news, features, reviews, and lessons.

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Lowdown: March 2013

AS WE PUT THIS ISSUE TO BED, WE’RE TUNING OUR GAZE SOUTH TO ANAHEIM, WHICH will once again play host to the slap-and-shred fest that is the NAMM Show.

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Lowdown: May 2013

I COULD GO ON FOR PAGES AND AGES ON THE THINGS I LOVE ABOUT LIVING IN THE SAN Francisco Bay Area—the climate, the landscape, the musical heritage.

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Lowdown: August 2013 - Livin' LIVE!

“OH MY GOD, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S ALREADY [INSERT MONTH HERE].” THAT’S definitely a mantra around my house, where two thirds of the residents live pretty much by the academic, rather than Gregorian calendar.

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Lowdown: November 2012

SHEESH. I TAKE THIS EDITORIAL GIG JUST LIKE ANY PLAYING GIG THAT COMES MY WAY— very seriously. Bass Player was there for me when I was a beginning bass player some 20+ years ago, and I owe it to the community at large to do my best to ensure the magazine is of the high quality that we all deserve.