Lowdown: December 2013 - Membership Has Its Privileges

Grab a pen, fetch a Crayola, open your Notes app. However you do it, just jot this down: BPL13Sub.
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Brian Fox Grab a pen, fetch a Crayola, open your Notes app. However you do it, just jot this down: BPL13Sub. Got it? Good.

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You’ve now got the hookup for 20% off tickets to the biggest and best bass bash on the planet, Bass Player LIVE!, which goes down on November 9–10 in Los Angeles, CA. Okay, so 20% off might not fully offset travel costs for those faithful readers in Saskatoon, SK or Possum Trot, KY. But it’s something, right? Either way, consider it further motivation for you to join the party.

As if you need it. Geezer Butler, Tal Wilkenfeld, Lee Rocker, and a host of other rockers, groovers, funkateers, and jazzbos will be on hand to bro out on all things bass, and so too should you.

Can’t make it? Well, mark your calendar and start feeding that piggy bank for next year, because we’re already planning to raise the bar even further. And take comfort in the issue of BP you hold in your hot little hands. If you don’t already know him, get hip to Johnny Christ. Get your groove on with Phil Chen and Jeff Beck in our “Freeway Jam” transcription. Drool yourself dehydrated checking out the coolest in new gear. And whatever you do, dig in, and dig deep!.


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Lowdown: March 2013

AS WE PUT THIS ISSUE TO BED, WE’RE TUNING OUR GAZE SOUTH TO ANAHEIM, WHICH will once again play host to the slap-and-shred fest that is the NAMM Show.

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Lowdown: May 2013

I COULD GO ON FOR PAGES AND AGES ON THE THINGS I LOVE ABOUT LIVING IN THE SAN Francisco Bay Area—the climate, the landscape, the musical heritage.

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Lowdown: November 2012

SHEESH. I TAKE THIS EDITORIAL GIG JUST LIKE ANY PLAYING GIG THAT COMES MY WAY— very seriously. Bass Player was there for me when I was a beginning bass player some 20+ years ago, and I owe it to the community at large to do my best to ensure the magazine is of the high quality that we all deserve.