The Real World: August 2013 - Francisco Guerra

Francisco Guerra Home base Saint Paul, Minnesota Occupation Laborer/musician Gigs Umbrella Bed
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Francisco Guerra

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Home base Saint Paul, Minnesota
Occupation Laborer/musician
Gigs Umbrella Bed
Basses Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass 4-string
Rig Carvin BX500 head, Carvin RL410 4x10
Effects None
Strings, etc. Rotosound LDN Swing Bass 66 Strings, Line 6 G30 Wireless System, Seymour-Duncan SJB-2 Hot Pickups
Heroes & inspiration Mike Watt, Matt Freeman, Hernan Hernandez, Felix Salinas, Tony Kanal, Joe Keller, Billy Sheehan

How did you come to play bass?

I started as a late bloomer at age 20 after a friend suggested I learn how to play. Being influenced by ska, punk, and regional Mexican music, I accepted the challenge. In the six years that I’ve been playing, my fundamentals and my discipline have gotten better. I continue to want to learn more and be inspired by others.

What’s a lesson you’ve learned along the way?

On gigs, don’t be afraid to move to the music you’re playing. Although my main goal is to keep my timing on point, I allow myself to be moved by the music, and audiences notice—they react to body language and expression, eventually feeding off the energy. If you’re having a good time, they most likely will, too. In terms of my playing, I try to keep a good, solid line that will not only carry the motion of the song, but will stand out in its own way.

What are your musical goals?

To continue playing, learning, and influencing others to learn. Also, to continue networking with other musicians and to support local bands and the Twin Cities music scene.

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