The Real World: December 2012

Home base Durango, CO
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Gracie “Bassie” Kruse

Home base Durango, CO

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OccupationGlass artist/fashion designer/ receptionist/reggae bass player

GigsBass player/vocalist for A-DUB-ROCK (my Rocky Mountain reggae/dub band), Tony Culture

BassesSadowsky Vintage 5-string, Ibanez 4-string

RigLine 6 LD175 LowDown 1x15 combo

EffectsLine 6 Bass POD

Strings, etc. Fender flatwounds

Heroes & Inspiration My dad, My mom, my teachers Etoon Evoon, Chelem, and Stevie Love, and my brother Cuatro. Also, Ashton “Family Man” Barrett, Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, Amlak Tafari, Luciano, Dennis Brown, Barrington Levy, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Kim Deal, Divinity Roxx, Tina Weymouth, and “Cassandra” from Wayne’s World!,

How did you come to play bass?

My stepdad gave me a guitar when I was 11, but my brother always said, “Quit playing it like a bass.” At 19, I picked up a bass guitar for the first time, and haven’t put it down since. My dad raised me on reggae music; he used to travel to Jamaica and draw portraits. The heartbeat of reggae music is the drum and bass, and I’ve always been drawn to that. When I bought my first bass, I met my friend/teacher from Jamaica on a cold snowy day, and he taught me how to play my bass, roots-style.

What’s a lesson you’ve learned along the way?

Be true to yourself, and don’t let anyone stop you from achieving your dreams. Practice as much as possible. And don’t just play your bass—make love to your bass.

What are your musical goals?

To travel the world with my bass, spreading love through sweet reggae music, and to work as a bass player for reggae artists while developing my solo album.

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