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The Real World: January 2013

I was very reluctant to play bass.
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Tori “Trikki” Dozier

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Home base Hollywood, CA

Occupation Bass player

Basses Schecter Stiletto Studio 5, Ibanez SG605 5-string, Ibanez SRA550, Jay Turser JTAB acoustic bass guitar, Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass

Rig Acoustic B200H with B410 stack, Peavey 6505+ Patriotic head and Headliner 115 cab

Effects Zoom 708 II, Boss CH-1 Super Chorus

Strings Elixir Strings, DR Strings Neon (pink)

Heroes & inspiration T.M. Stevens, Prince, Louis Johnson, Marcus Miller, Bernard Edwards, Larry Graham, Billy Sheehan, my son Krash, and God!


How did you come to play bass?

I was very reluctant to play bass. I thought bass players got no love and that it was too easy! Man, was I wrong. I was a guitar player for 15 years by the time I moved to L.A., and when I would audition, nine times out of ten they would ask me if I could play bass. One day I asked, “Is finding a bass player that hard?” and the overwhelming answer was “Yes!” So I picked up a Fender P-Bass and started teaching myself. Within six months I was booking gigs and winning awards, and I haven't looked back!

What’s a lesson you’ve learned along the way?

Feel for the areas you can add a little more of yourself to a song. Always be prepared going into a musical situation. Be early and be kind. Tune often.

What are your musical goals?

To record/tour/play for a well-known artist. Put out a few of my own albums. Be well known enough in the music world that I will one day have my own bass clinic at BASS PLAYER LIVE!

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