The Real World: January 2014 - Tim Kerrigan

Home base Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
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Home base Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Occupation Songwriter, bassist, and warehouse manager for Porsche
Gigs The Bud Jones Band, the Kira Willey Band
Basses Fender P-Basses, Fender J-Basses, Pedulla 5, Music Man, Gibson EB-O, Rickenbacker, Martin, and several more (don’t tell my wife).
Rig Mesa Boogie Bass 400+ head, Gallien- Krueger 800RB and Fusion heads, Hartke 4x10 cab
Effects None
Strings, etc. GHS Boomers, Rotosound
Heroes & inspiration My son and my family. Also, the musicians JPJ, Paul, Bootsy, Pino, Phil, Donald and Walter, Joe Walsh, Berry, Leon W., and so many more.,

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How did you come to play bass?

While playing trombone in the elementary school band, I’d watch the electric bass player. He looked cool and played “Money” by Pink Floyd. I had to be a part of that action.

What’s a lesson you’ve learned along the way?

Don’t overplay. Be calm and confident. Don’t try to force your will on others (especially drummers!). Remember why you love music, and have some fun.

What are your musical goals?

To keep songwriting and to share my songs with as many people as I can. To show my young son the joys of creativity and music.

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