The Real World: November 2012

Home base Wilmington, North Carolina
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Home base Wilmington, North Carolina

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Occupation Live/session bassist

Gigs Jeff Sipe Trio

Basses Modulus Quantum 6 given to me by my hero Oteil Burbridge, Roscoe Skb-3006 Fretless

Rig Epifani UL-502 head, Epifani 3x10 cabinet, El Whappo Accugroove cabinet

Effects No effects

Strings D’Addario EXL170 nickel roundwounds

Heroes & Inspiration Jaco, Oteil Burbridge, Matthew Garrison, and my mentor Steve Bailey


How did you come to play bass?
I played guitar until the keyboard player at church asked me to hop on bass for a while. I got Jaco’s debut album that Christmas, and from that point on, I was obsessed!

What’s a lesson you’ve learned along the way?
The most important lesson I’ve learned through my musical journey is how important it is to keep your ears open to different styles of music. I try to learn from everything that I hear and try to keep an open-mind about learning new genres of music. I find musical inspiration from things as simple as listening to birds or the everyday hustle and bustle that many consider to be just “noise.”

What are your musical goals?
What are your musical goals? To use my God-given gift to play music on my bass that will touch people’s souls.

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