The Real World: October 2013 - Aaron Starkman

Home base El Salvador
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Aaron Sztarkman
Home base El Salvador
Occupation Freelance bass player, writer
Gig Bassist and singer of bilingual pop/ rock cover band Alter Ego
Basses Fender American Standard Jazz Bass, fretless Warwick
Rig Eden WTX264 head, Eden 1x12 cab, MicroKorg keyboard, Roland PK-5 MIDI pedals, Shure SM-58 microphone
Effects Line 6 Bass POD xt Live
Strings, etc. DR Strings Dragonskins
Heroes & inspiration Geddy Lee, Sting, Jaco Pastorius, Victor Wooten, Tony Levin, Ed Friedland, John Paul Jones, Chente Sibrián

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How did you come to play bass?

Ever hear the story of the lousy guitar player who switched to bass because there was a better guitarist in the band?

What’s a lesson you’ve learned along the way?

It all boils down to being a good person. Don’t be a jerk— it’ll come back to haunt you. Be respectful and true to your fans, clients, promoters and, most importantly, to yourself. Be reliable. Don’t be late. Know thyself. Learn when and how to say no. A healthy sense of humor works wonders. Be proactive, organized and practical. These traits will get you more work than any amount of chops, equipment, or clothes. You’ll gig more, and that’ll help you become a better musician on the way.

What are your musical goals?

To become an expert in Latin America on sharing information about how to live off music and be a professional musician.

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