What's your take on heavy metal?

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What's your take on modern metal?

  1. Love it: Louder, faster, heavier!
  2. Hate it: You call that music?!
  3. To each his/her own


Metal Sub-Genres 101

Metal has exploded in so many stylistic directions at once that it’s tough to keep track of what’s what. Enter the “sub-genre,” a shorthand term for a specific type of metal. Opinions on this topic differ; we consulted two diehard metalheads—Cannibal Corpse bassist Alex Webster and Dethklok/Strapping Young Lad/Death/Fear Factory drummer Gene Hoglan—to offer some informed sub-genre guidelines.

Steve DiGiorgio, Extreme Metal Session Ace

 I just gradually became this “session player.” I love it. I don't care what it's called, I'm just so happy to just plug in and jam with somebody else. ‘Cause everyone has killer ideas, no matter what level of musician or what age of band they are, there's always something new and killer about playing with someone different, and as long as they keep giving me the chance to keep doing it, I'll keep doing it.

More Metal Mastery!

 The ten players (and one cartoon character) featured in Bass Player's April 2010 Golden Age of Metal article represent the beginning of the revolution in metal bass. Here’s a list of other bassists and bands to check out, with an admitted bias toward those you may not yet know about. Even this list is incomplete (no murderous threats due to omission, please, unless it’s a song lyric)—but it’s a place to start. Use the interwebs to go forth and listen.


SXSW 2010, A Heavy Opening

There's always so much going on at SXSW that it' impossible to hit every single showcase worth going to, and choosing one over another is no easy task. But when it came to Tuesday and Wednesday nights, there was no question in our minds were we needed to be.