Stevenson’s two Bose L1 Compact systems and an S1 Pro help him cover any kind of gig, from weddings on the beach to his anchor gig at Lake Tahoe’s Lone Eagle club, where he’s done over 4,000 performances

Framingham, MA – Acoustic performer Luke Stevenson has been performing almost every Wednesday through Saturday night at the Lone Eagle Grille at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Hotel and Resort for nearly 25 years now — that’s over 4,000 performances there, in addition to corporate engagements, special events, private parties, weddings and receptions during that time. For the last four years, Luke has been doing all of those gigs with sound systems from Bose, including a pair of L1 Compact portable line array systems and more recently an ultra-portable Bose S1 Pro Multi-Position PA system, along with a T4S ToneMatch ultra-compact 4-channel mixer. Together, they constitute a sonic ecosystem that lets Luke cover just about any kind of show, anywhere.

“It’s pretty unprecedented, and I thank my lucky stars,” says Luke about his generation-long run at the Lone Eagle club. But it’s also been a gig that’s gotten him a ton of exposure, leading to many other engagements elsewhere. Among those are parties aboard boats, yachts and other venues, such as outdoor stages, where reliable access to 110-volt power can be uncertain. In these cases, the battery-powered S1 Pro has often been Luke’s sole PA system, able to cover surprisingly large audiences. In other cases, the S1 has served as a complementary speaker for his L1 systems, bringing the sounds of his voice and guitar even around corners in acoustically challenging venues. And the L1 systems are easily interfaced with installed venue sound systems, using his Bose ToneMatch mixer as an interface — which also lets Luke plug in pre-recorded elements from any of his four albums to accompany himself live — so his sound can cover even larger spaces while still giving him complete control over it.

“The Bose systems give me so many options,” he says. “But most importantly, I think, they give me confidence that they’ll work under any circumstances, no matter how far I had to travel or what the weather is, and that I’ll sound exactly they way I want to sound. That lets me focus on my performance and on the listeners, no matter what kind of environment I’m in. Because of Bose reliability and sound quality, I can present my best self to any audience anywhere, which is the way it’s supposed to be.”

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Key West Songwriters Festival Employs Bose Professional L1® and F1 Portable Loudspeaker Systems

The 22nd annual Key West Songwriters Festival, presented by BMI, recently took place in Key West, Florida, across several different venues spanning 50+ shows and 200+ performers over five days. As in previous years, an important element of the sound setup involved portable loudspeaker solutions from Bose Professional – whether at a stage at a local cantina or music venue, on the beach or elsewhere – including L1® systems (both L1 Model II and L1 Compact systems) and the recent addition of F1 Model 812 Flexible Array loudspeaker systems.